Dublin Airport Terminal 1 Car Parks & Departures Road

PUNCH are Consulting Engineers to the Dublin Airport Authority for the Refurbishment of Terminal 1 short term car parks A, B & C and Departures Road assessment.

Initially our brief involved the structural inspection, opening up investigations and testing of concrete elements for rebar corrosion, cover issues, elevated chlorides etc. Structural back analysis calculations were also carried out.  From our investigations we were able to prepare a suite of structural specifications, drawings and tender documents which in conjunction with the DAA Architects Department allowed for a complete overhaul of all three car parks.

Issues such as water ingress through the many movement and core joints, structural spalling in concrete columns and beams, failure of deck waterproofing and corrosion in canopy steelwork were addressed.  A complete repaint refresh was also undertaken with extensive new way finding lighting & signage.

Phasing of the construction activities was crucial to the DAA.  In this continuously busy airport, it was imperative that as few car parking spaces as possible were temporarily lost to the works.

Our scope of service has also included inspection and opening up of the departures road. – This road is the principle drop-off point for taxis and customers using Terminal 1.  The road is effectively an elevated 180m long bridge constructed in the 1970’s using precast concrete bridge beams. The area under the departures road forms part of the Arrival Hall which houses rental car desks, bar, coffee shop, bank and Garda station.

The original design intent of the road did not envisage that the area below would become a busy internal space and hence the DAA have had continual issues with regard to water ingress and leaks through the road structure.

We carried out extensive inspections, including nighttime intrusive opening-up investigations to determine the cause of ingress to be primarily due to joint failure between adjacent precast bridge beams and at the terminal/road interface.

A complete refurbishment scheme consisting of replacement jointing, deck waterproofing, new positive drainage and replacement of all finishes has been developed to detailed design stage.  It is envisaged that the works will be carried out in conjunction with an overhaul of the terminal’s Departures Hall.

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