Ballymun Regeneration Scheme, Dublin

  • Client: Ballymun Regeneration Limited
  • Architect: Various
  • Value(€ million): 91
  • Value($ million): 125
  • Completion date: 2009
  • PUNCH services: Civil, Structural, Infrastructure, Masterplanning

On this large scale project with multiple phases, PUNCH have provided engineering solutions for up to seven different architectural practices on different schemes simultaneously.  From this project PUNCH have gained valuable experience and detailed understanding of the regeneration design process for urban residential areas.

Ballymun Regeneration is a €2.5 billion project which has completely redeveloped and revitalised the Ballymun area on the north side of Dublin.  PUNCH Consulting Engineers are the civil and structural engineers for the Poppintree area of Ballymun and were also involved with the masterplanning of the area.

The works involved with the regeneration of the Ballymun area of Dublin has had a significant positive social impact on the area.  Council housing standards have been raised substantially, providing a safer and more community base environment for all residents, in addition to improving general infrastructure for this and surrounding areas, including the upgrade of roads that serve Dublin Airport nearby.

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