Limerick Main Drainage

  • Client: Limerick City Council
  • Value(€ million): 310
  • Value($ million): 425
  • Completion date: 1999-present
  • PUNCH services: Civil Engineering
  • Awards: Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland (ACEI) Annual Award 2006

A preliminary report was initially compiled as a Joint Venture of which PUNCH Consulting Engineers were a part. The report highlighted the shortfalls within the existing network in terms of hydraulic, structural, operational and water quality problems and put forward effective solutions to overcome the problems.  PUNCH then completed design works as part of the joint venture which included a 19km of Interceptor Sewer varying in diameter from 300mm to 2.7m diameter.  Two major tunnel crossings of the River Shannon were required in addition to pumping stations, outfall structures and other ancillary works.  Structural and hydraulic rehabilitation of the exiting network using on-line replacement and lining techniques were then completed.  One of the largest structural design projects was of the Waste Water Treatment Plant and Corcanree Main Lifting Pumping Station.  Finally, the Loggers Storm Water Interceptor Sewer was constructed, including a 700l/s pumping station.  In addition to the water and wastewater treatment works, the potable watermain was upgraded, extending some 940m in length and constructed with associated valve chambers, water meters and branch connections.

The City of Limerick in the south west of Ireland has over 70,000 people living within a 4km radius of the city centre. There are over 15,000 households within the city limits and up to a further 6,000 households in counties Clare and Limerick which use the city sewer system.  The city drainage infrastructure covers some 30km2.

This project has significantly upgraded the existing sewer network and pumping facilities in Limerick and its surrounding areas with a new system linked to a state-of-the-art waste water treatment plant, thereby eliminating untreated discharges to the Shannon and Abbey Rivers from Limerick.  The success of the project is highlighted by achieving first place in the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland (ACEI) Annual Award 2006.

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