The King’s Hospital, Dublin (Second Level)

  • Client: The Kings Hospital School Board of Governors
  • Architect: Newenham Mulligan Architect (Dormitory & Blue Coat Dorms & Music Centre) O’Muire Smyth Architects (Sports Hall)
  • Value(€ million): 15
  • Value($ million): 21
  • Completion date: 1998-2008
  • PUNCH services: Civil, Structural

PUNCH Consulting Engineers provided civil and structural engineering services on various buildings throughout the King’s Hospital campus including the Bluecoat Dormitory Block completed in 2008; a new music centre and classrooms completed in 2005; another dormitory block completed in 2002 and a sports hall completed in 1999.  Over 40,000m2 of construction was completed at a cost of €15 million combined.

One of the oldest secondary schools in Ireland, The King’s Hospital is set on a scenic 80-acre campus on the banks of the River Liffey just outside of Dublin City Centre.

Established nearly 340 years ago in 1669 as The Hospital and Free School of King Charles II, the school attracts pupils from all over Ireland as well as from overseas, so adding to its multi-national and cosmopolitan appeal with modern, cutting-edge education and facilities.

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