Market Gardens Flood Risk Assessment

  • Client: Cork City Council
  • Completion date: January 2013
  • PUNCH services: Flooding

PUNCH Consulting Engineers were the civil/structural engineers and PSDP on a multi-disciplinary team tasked with redeveloping Fitzgerald’s Park in Cork City. Given the proximity of the park to the north channel of the River Lee, flooding and flood risk was a concern. This park had flooded during the November 2009 floods and CFRAMS mapping placed the park in a flood zone that was at risk from a 1:100 year event.

While the land use was compatible with the Flood Risk Management Guidelines, it was necessary to consider issues such as flood compensation, loss of flood storage and the risk to the public should the park be open during a flood event. It was vital to ensure the design of the new park didn’t increase the flood risk elsewhere by reducing flood storage in the park or by altering flow paths across the flood plain. A number of options were looked at however, adjustment of the ground levels was deemed most cost effective.

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