St. Laurence O’Toole Flood Risk Assessment

  • Completion date: Sept 2014
  • PUNCH services: Flood Risk Assessment

PUNCH Consulting Engineers was appointed by the Department of Education and Skills (DoES) to carry out a Stage 2 Site Specific Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) study in full compliance with the requirements of the “Planning System & Flood Management Guidelines” published by the Department of Environment in November 2009.

The proposed development is located in Dublin City Centre on the corner of Seville Place and Emerald Place, Dublin 1. The project consists of the alterations to an existing property to provide an educational facility. Given the location of the premises to the River Liffey, an assessment of the flood risk to the site was required.

PUNCH Consulting Engineers established the flood risk to the development based on CFRAM Study data and discussions with Dublin City Council.

A 2-Dimensional hydraulic model was generated using TuFLOW and LiDAR to assess potential flood risk associated with the River Liffey and high intensity rainfall events. This was used to establish potential flood extents, flow paths and velocities in the streets surrounding the proposed development.

This information was used to inform the proposed design and mitigation measures.

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