King Fahad Hospital

  • Client: Ministry of Health - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Architect: RKD
  • Value(€ million): Confidential
  • Completion date: 2012
  • PUNCH services: Civil, Structural

King Fahad Hospital Buraydah is a 550 bed Public Hospital facility constructed in 1982-83. The building structure is three-storey over basement. The building structure is constructed using reinforced concrete beam and slab construction throughout and clad externally using marble stone supported on a lightweight secondary rail system.

The basement structures are formed using reinforced concrete retaining walls and these areas house the majority of the hospital plant infrastructure.

As part of this hospital refurbishment programme being implemented by the Ministry, PUNCH was involved in the surveying and inspecting the as built infrastructure associated with the entire facility. Our services included assessment of the as built infrastructure, reporting on our visual inspections, making recommendations and liaising with the project team to determine appropriate costs associated with recommendations.

The inspection works involved the main hospital building, ancillary Clinical and Recreational buildings, campus Residential buildings, all roads; car parks and civil infrastructure throughout the entire campus.

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