St Johns Hospital, Enniscorthy

  • Client: St John Hospital Enniscorthy
  • Architect: Murray O’Laoire/Brian O’Connell
  • Value(€ million): 14
  • Completion date: 2008
  • PUNCH services: Civil, Structural

St.John’s Community Hospital was built to replace an existing hospital which had fallen into disrepair and was considered unsuitable to provide extended care to the elderly. The hospital is located on Munster Hill just outside the main town centre of Enniscorthy. Phase 1 of the building has 56 beds and Phase 2 has 102 beds.

Services provided by St. John’s include extended care for the elderly and day care for the elderly and those with special needs. There are 3 general purpose treatment rooms, 3 physiotherapy and rehabilitation rooms, a speech therapy room, 2 large activity rooms and a special needs workshop.

The architectural design centred on providing panoramic views of the surrounding agricultural lands and River Slaney Valley. The old hospital building had only high level windows and many of the long stay elderly patients had not had a view out of their ward for several years. These views were achieved using a curving elevations and by raising the ground floor slab at the front approximately 1m above ground level. Three large sheltered courtyards were also created. The courtyard has extensive soft landscaping and seating for patients.

The building is single storey and is constructed in traditional masonry with stone cladding and has a steel roof. A stone clad retaining wall was required along the entire front elevation of the building in order to achieve the raised ground floor slab. The site formed part of a farm and sloped steeply so extensive cut was required. Rock was found at a depth of 2-3m however foundations were kept in the upper stiff clay layers. Site services were planned in such a way as to allow future development to take place. Connections for services for Phase 2 of the hospital and for a future senior citizens residential development are already in place.

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