Analog Devices Campus, Limerick

  • Client: Analog Devices
  • Architect: Various
  • Value(€ million): 95
  • Value($ million): 130
  • Completion date: Since 1980
  • PUNCH services: Civil, Structural

Eighteen years of servicing the requirements of Analog Devices by PUNCH Consulting Engineers has developed a strong services awareness and innovative capability in the service we provide to our client.  In addition to providing the necessary Civil and Structural design input for various projects, PUNCH has continued to support the needs of the company, by providing support on projects including the modification to the bunds of solvent tanks, relocation of a Nitrogen tank and the structural inspection of a brine tank.

Analog Devices is one of the longest-standing semi-conductor companies in the world with manufacturing plants located worldwide. The company’s largest European manufacturing facility is located in Limerick, Ireland.  Since coming to Ireland in 1980, PUNCH Consulting Engineers has worked with Analog Devices on over 150 individual projects ranging in size, scope and value. This work has included the design of their main manufacturing facilities, ancillary office buildings and warehouses, and tank foundation and bund design.

Some particular achievements with our long standing client include the construction of a 12,000m3 basement sub-fabrication, partially in rock, within an existing operational facility and a corresponding 12,000m3 air handling mezzanine plant space suspended above, again within an existing building.  Issues of buildable solutions with a noise, dust and vibration sensitive environment have been addressed regularly in our designs with this client and PUNCH strive to always produce the most innovative and cost effective solutions for our clients.

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