Kilteery Pier Repairs, Co. Limerick

  • Client: Limerick City & County Council
  • Value(€ million): €0.14M
  • Completion date: 2018
  • PUNCH services: Project Management, Cost Consultants, Employers Representative, PSDP

Kilteery pier has experienced some gradual settlement of the outer end of the pier leading to separation of the masonry blocks and loss of significant amounts of core material.  The cavity thus formed behind the masonry units allowed them to be pushed out of the proper alignment by wave action over time.

Limerick City & County Council appointed PUNCH Consulting to manage the repair of the pier, including realignment of the masonry units and repointing of the pier faces.  PUNCH prepared tender documents for the procurement of the Works Contractor.

Cumnor Construction and PUNCH Consulting worked closely during the construction phase to redesign the repair works following initial investigations which identified the unforeseen presence of a rubble wall inside the ashlar wall, complicating the realignment process.

The revised design for the seaward end of the pier incorporated a pali radice mini pile system to prevent further wall movement, and a grout curtain and seal the pier wall against any further loss of core material.

Ancillary works included replacing handrails in stainless steel.

The construction contract was completed by Cumnor Construction in January 2018.

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