Fr. Scully House Social Housing, Dublin

  • Client: Catholic Housing Aid Society
  • Architect: Coady Partnership
  • Value(€ million): €14m
  • Completion date: 2014
  • PUNCH services: Civil, Structural
  • Awards: House Project of the Year at the Irish Building & Design Awards 2016

The redevelopment of this inner city site of social housing for the Catholic Housing Association took into consideration the existing housing in four discrete blocks.  The client had a short to medium term need to provide modern facilities for two of the blocks which had reached the end of their serviceable life.  A master plan was prepared in order that the immediate construction was future proofed so that when the remaining two blocks could be redeveloped.

The site consisted of existing accommodation blocks and a myriad of underground services traversing the site, which were mapped under pre tender site investigation and service investigation contracts managed by PUNCH.

Two separate works contracts were undertaken to complete the project.  The GCCC form of contract was used for procurement of both sections of work.  An advance demolition and service diversion contract was carried out in order to reduce the overall programme and contractual risk.  The demolition of the 1960’s building which fronted onto Gardiner Street had to take close consideration of the existing Georgian listed building adjacent, including temporary propping.  The carrying out of the advance contract enabled detailed design to be carried out during its execution.

The main construction project comprised 99 apartments in two blocks together with community facility and three commercial units at ground floor.  The floor area totals 8,800 square metres. The two new blocks are constructed as five floors of reinforced concrete/concrete block rising elements with precast floors and lightweight steel penthouse at sixth floor level.

PUNCH was also responsible for design of external drainage and water services together with retaining walls for the landscape works.  The drainage includes attenuation and rain water harvesting tanks in a very tight external area adjacent to the new buildings.  Construction works had to take close cognisance of the remaining two buildings which accommodate aged residents.

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