Smyths Toy Store, Cork

  • Client: Smyths Partners
  • Architect: Joseph Doyle Architects
  • Value(€ million): 2.5
  • Value($ million): 3.4
  • Completion date: 2003
  • PUNCH services: Civil, Structural

The work on the store was phased in order to allow the client to continue trading as there was no quiet period available for a shut down.  Providing Civil and Structural engineering services, PUNCH worked closely with the design team, the client and the contractor to ensure that the safety of the public was prioritised at all times.  Out of hours working was used to achieve this for particular tasks.  The frame at the front wall was designed to accommodate the lateral loads from the glazed wall and roof without taking away from the architectural affect.  The foundation solution needed to address the difficulties of building in the former marsh lands in the city centre and so the building is founded on the continuous flight auger piles, 350 mm in diameter, with average lengths of 15m and with diamond shaped pile caps.

This project was constructed on the site of the existing Smyths Toy Store on Maylor Street in Cork City.  The existing store is 96m long and 24m wide on plan with a height of 10.65m and is located in an existing stone warehouse building which was constructed in the nineteenth century.  The front of the building was removed as part of this project and replaced with a planar glazed wall to maximise the daylight penetration into the building and provide a brighter aspect on to the narrow street.

A new mezzanine floor was also constructed in the building covering 50% of the existing floor.  The head height was restricted by existing industrial steel trusses so PUNCH Consulting Engineers developed a scheme that allowed these trusses to be altered in-situ to provide the required additional height.

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