Environmental Consultancy

PUNCH Consulting Engineers have a wealth of experience in environmental engineering and providing technical solutions to complex projects in sensitive areas. Two of the flagship projects in our environmental engineering portfolio are the Limerick Smarter Travel Route 2 and the Decommissioning of Clondulane Weir. PUNCH Consulting Engineers have also completed numerous planning applications for sand and gravel quarries. These applications included soils, geology and hydrology and water chapters of Environmental Impact Statements.

The Limerick Smarter Travel Project involves the development of a 4km long pedestrian and cycle commuter route linking Limerick City and the University of Limerick, along the banks of the Park Canal and River Shannon. The project includes the provision of a 3 m wide cycle and pedestrian path along the bank of the River Shannon, construction of three new cycle bridges (3m wide) and widening of a fourth existing bridge along the proposed route, public lighting, utilities, CCTV, seating, exercise areas and signage. This route is within and adjacent to Proposed Natural Heritage Areas, Special Areas of Conservation, Special Protection Areas and Candidate Special Area of Conservation. Throughout the design of the scheme, all proposals and construction methods were assessed to ensure that there are minimal impacts to the hydrology of this environmentally sensitive area. Public consultation was also a key element of this project.

PUNCH Consulting Engineers have been recently appointed by Inland Fisheries Ireland as the lead consultants on the Decommissioning of Clondulane Weir. This project entails the partial removal of a section of Clondulane Weir in the Blackwater River. The weir is associated with a protected structure and is within a Special Area of Conservation and a Special Protection Area. Geomorphological, hydromorphological, Appropriate Assessment, Archaeological, and Architectural Heritage studies have been carried out to inform the preliminary design of the proposed weir removal. Complementary to these studies, a 1D-2D Hydraulic Model has been constructed to assess the potential impact of the proposed modifications on flow rates and mechanisms within the Blackwater River. This project is currently going for Public consultation.

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