Solid Waste & Energy

PUNCH Consulting Engineers have provided civil and structural engineering services across a broad range of projects in the solid waste and energy sectors over the past number of years. Projects completed in these sectors have included bulk petrochemical storage facilities, bulk composting facilities for the treatment of organic waste for re-use in the agricultural sector, waste transfer stations and recycling centres for handling municipal solid waste and planning stage services for a number of wind farms including compilation of Environment Impact Statements (EIS’s) in respect of such developments.

The range of clients that PUNCH has worked for includes a number of different semi state bodies including Bord Na Mona and the National Oil Reserve Agency (NORA), private petrochemical companies, a range of private licenced waste operators and renewable energy developers. PUNCH is currently working for Bord Na Mona as their lead designer for a proposed smokeless fuel manufacturing facility in Foynes Co. Limerick which will have capacity to process 150,000 tonnes of smokeless fuel per annum to supply the Irish market.

The solid waste and energy sectors are seen as being very important in the years ahead due to ongoing regulatory changes affecting both sectors. In the energy sector, Climate Change and associated carbon reduction targets set at European Union level will necessitate a significant shift away from fossil fuels and towards renewables. PUNCH has significant experience and competence across the various renewable energy forms including wind, solar, biomass, hydro etc. PUNCH can provide a range of expertise in this area including feasibility studies, resource assessments, planning stage services including engineering design and environmental inputs, construction stage services etc.

In the waste sector, European Directives have brought about significant changes in the ways are which waste is now dealt with. The fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) directed to landfill has reduced significantly in favour of more sustainable options. The waste hierarchy provides the guiding principles for all PUNCH designs relating to the treatment and management of waste. PUNCH recognises that in the first instance, the generation of waste should be reduced where possible followed by recycling as the next most favourable option. After reduction and recycling, energy recovery processes should be adopted in favour of landfilling for residual organic waste. Such treatments can include thermal treatment for solid waste or anaerobic digestion for wastes with high moisture contents. PUNCH can provide a full range of engineering services for all such waste treatment processes.

For further details on a sample of projects that PUNCH has completed in the Solid Waste and Energy sectors, refer to the Solid Waste and Energy section of Our Projects, or use the Quicklinks section on this page.

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