Flood Risk Assessment and Urban Drainage

PUNCH Consulting Engineers have a wealth of experience in flooding and Flood Risk Assessments. We have undertaken site specific Flood Risk Assessments for all types of existing and proposed developments for a range of clients in both urban and rural environments. In Ireland, Flood Risk Assessments are carried out in accordance with the Planning System and Flood Risk Management Guidelines published by the OPW in 2009, and in general, a three staged approach is recommended.

Stage 1 Flood Risk Identification

To identify any flooding or surface water management issues relating to the area of a development or a site that may warrant further investigation.

Stage 2 Initial Flood Risk Assessment

To confirm sources of flooding that may affect an area or proposed development, appraise the adequacy of existing information and to scope the extent of the risk of flooding. Where hydraulic models have been prepared previously, the potential impact of a proposed development can be assessed and possible mitigation measures proposed.

Stage 3 Detailed Flood Risk Assessment

To assess flood risk issues in detail and provide a quantitative assessment of potential flood risk to an area or proposed development. This also assesses the potential risk of the development on flood risk elsewhere with appropriate mitigation measures proposed.

Site specific assessments have involved the review of historical data available for the site along with detailed hydraulic modelling of the source of flood risk (e.g. rivers, lakes, coastal, sewers) using software such as HEC-RAS, Flood Modeller and TuFLOW.

We are familiar with the issues which affect the realisation of a development and have successfully assisted providing designs and mitigation measures that satisfy client requirements, while satisfying the Planning Authority of concerns regarding risk in the area. Together with the Environmental and Structural Division, we can offer a complete Flood Risk Management and Assessment service to the client.

PUNCH Consulting Engineers have significant experience in managing the aftermath of flood events through the provision of expert witness statements,  and remedial works to existing embankments, bridges, public roadways and coastal structures.

Our services include:

  • Flood Risk Assessments (river, tidal, coastal)
  • 1D & 2D hydraulic modelling using HEC-RAS, Flood Modeller and TUFLOW software
  • Design of flood mitigation measures
  • Hydrological Assessments
  • Design and construction of flood protection & alleviation works
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)
  • Expert witness

For further details of a selection of successfully completed projects, refer to the Flood Risk Assessment and Urban Drainage section of Our Projects, or use the Quicklinks section on this page.

If you are looking for further information, please contact:

Julie Tiernan
BE(Civil) (Hons) MSc CEng MIEI
Technical Director

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