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The core service offered by PUNCH Health & Safety is that of Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP), in accordance with the Safety Health & Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2006. We also provide support to contractors in relation to safety aspects of alternative designs and method statements.

Our Health & Safety Experience

PUNCH has provided services as Project Supervisor since the enactment of the initial legislation in 1995.  We offer the service across the full spectrum of projects. These have range from major infrastructure projects such as the new Cill Rónáin Harbour Development, numerous civil infrastructure projects, retail, logistics and residential developments, to projects within hospitals and industrial plants.  We are currently providing safety services on a fuel storage project within an upper tier ‘Seveso’ site at the 80,000 tonnes Oil Storage Tanks, Kerry.

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How PUNCH Health & Safety works within the industry

Driven by EU directives, this service is a statutory requirement in all but the smallest projects, with mandatory duties spread across all phases of a project from concept to handover. Safety failures carry significant potential liabilities for clients, designers and contractors and apart from the social responsibility of avoiding harm to others, proper safety management makes good business sense.

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How we help our clients

Clients need to be assured that they are compliant with the legislation, and that their design team and contractor are likewise. They also need to be reassured that the safety considerations are not adding unreasonable costs to their project. We prompt our clients on all actions to satisfy their duties and also act in a pragmatic manner to ensure that safety remains an active thread throughout the design and construction process. Our combination of academic qualifications and extensive experience in the industry allows us to bring expert but practical advice to the design. We believe that proper consideration of safety in design will lead to more buildable and maintainable solutions, thus adding value to the service.

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Our multi-disciplinary services

Clients have a statutory duty to appoint designers and Project Supervisors with competence and experience in compliance with the Safety Legislation.  In building a dedicated Health & Safety service within the practice under PUNCH Health & Safety, we have incorporated the statutory safety duties into our ISO 9001 Quality Management System, and have been accredited to provide health and safety services by both state and private bodies. Thus our clients can be reassured that all of our commissions will be carried out in compliance with the safety regulations.

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