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PUNCH Consulting Engineers offer services in relation to new build as well as the maintenance and upgrading of existing roads, bridges and infrastructure.  These services have been delivered both in the form of traditional design on behalf of a public or private body, as well as in design/build contracts where we have acted for a contractor bringing innovation and economy to previously designed schemes. In conjunction with these activities we provide traffic and environmental reporting, geotechnical design, road safety auditing and a range of other support functions. In more than thirty years of providing bridge engineering, we have amassed enormous experience in all aspects of the sector, from the inspection and assessment and conservation of existing bridges to the provision of exciting new structures in conjunction with architectural firms.  PUNCH has the ability to bring schemes from feasibility stage, through planning and oral hearing stages and finally to design, procurement and construction stages.

Our Roads & Bridges Experience

PUNCH has completed roads and bridges projects for the majority of Local Authorities in Ireland, as well as bodies such as Irish Rail and Waterways Ireland. These projects have been in both urban and rural settings and have involved masonry, concrete, steel and timber bridges spanning roads, rivers, railways and canals.  In addition to working directly for the scheme owner, we have developed and designed a new bridging system for a  Pre-casting company and provided independent checking and certification services.

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How we work within the industry

The provision of new public roads & bridges is a key activity in any developing country, and as the infrastructure matures, the need for inspection and maintenance increases.  Projects also become more complex and may draw on many different consultancy disciplines.  For example, a recent design/build competition for motorway service areas including new grade-separated interchanges also required the development of the fuel and rest facilities.  Another example was a commercial development where PUNCH developed schemes to re-align a railway to facilitate a new road.  Our ability to provide expert Road and Bridge services in conjunction with our Civil and Structural engineering services is a crucial asset in each of these projects.

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How we help our clients

While state bodies traditionally procured the majority of road & bridge schemes, many designs are now procured by developers or contractors. Each client therefore has a different perspective of what is required from the designer.  While a Local Authority may focus purely on experience in Road and Bridge schemes, a developer may take a broader view of the consultant’s ability to deliver a major commercial development, which happens to also include some roads and bridges. Similarly, a contractor who approaches PUNCH in the context of design/build or value engineering is looking for innovation, economy and reliability, all of which we have proven through our past project experiences.

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Our multi-disciplinary services

The success of PUNCH in adapting and working with our varying client demands demonstrates the broad ability and relevance of our multi-disciplinary services.  It is seldom that road and bridge design are required in isolation and the many other strands that PUNCH offers such as Transportation & Railway, Environmental, Geotechnical, PUNCH Health & Safety and PUNCH Project Management all compliment each project we undertake, providing a comprehensive service to all of our clients.

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