Boyle Abbey, Roscommon
Dromoland Castle, Clare
Leinster House Siopa, Dublin
St John's Cathedral, Limerick
Tudenham Park, Co Westmeath
Murphy's Brewery

PUNCH has been doing the work of conservation engineering since the practice was founded in 1973, before the description “conservation engineer” was ever in use. In those times when we were called to look at what we now refer to as a protected structure, our natural response was to understand:

  • The client concerns
  • The architect concerns
  • The structure and the condition of the structure
  • The structural design and how it originally worked
  • The materials used – typically stone, bricks, lime mortar and timber, with the possibility of some iron
  • To take the time to understand the vision of the original owners, designers, masons and carpenters so that the engineering response could be made in a context of deep understanding and respect.

Since that time our portfolio of work extends to some of the most prestigious conservation projects in the country, such as St Mels Cathedral, the National Gallery of Ireland and Boyle Abbey.

If you wish to discuss possible business opportunities or are looking for further information, please contact:

Kevin Mullery

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