PUNCH Consulting Engineers have successfully delivered and are continuing to deliver a wide variety of Office Developments. Our experience covers all types of structural forms including steel, concrete and composite office types in both the public and private sectors.

We are been involved in many office projects in built up urban areas and have vast experience in dealing with project and site issues associated with City Centre developments. Such issues include working around live environments, working in very tight site confines and considering neighbouring properties with our proposed construction techniques.

PUNCH specialise in underground structures below Office Developments such as car parks, plant rooms and habitable spaces if required. This is hugely important in city centre sites where maximising floor arears are key whilst achieving the requirements of the clients with regards to car parking, plant etc.

We pride ourselves on delivering and respecting client’s aspirations. We strive to maximize construction areas by producing our structural design to a fine level of accuracy which results in optimum floor slab thicknesses, column size and spacing etc. We will always consider future flexibility in our designs and provide robust solutions, while respecting and delivering on the architectural design intent, and meeting acoustic and air-tightness requirements.

Together with the Environmental Division, we can offer a complete civil and structural engineering service to the client, including design of civil infrastructure, roads, traffic and flooding assessment.

If you wish to discuss possible business opportunities or are looking for further information, please contact:

Robert Coughlan
Technical Director

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