Stadium & Leisure

PUNCH Consulting Engineers have been involved in the development of sports and leisure facilities for many years, from small club houses and local pitch developments to large scale sports centres to major stadia developments.

The pinnacle of our work to date was the completion of Thomond Park, which forms an iconic landmark on the skyline of Limerick City. This was especially pleasing to us as the company was founded in Limerick in 1973 by Michael Punch, himself a proud Limerick man and Munster Rugby supporter.

Sports & leisure developments often stretch the ability of the structural engineer, in that the project may require long clear spans, exposed structural skeletons, or unusual geometry to make them fit for purpose. They may also have to operate under harsh environmental conditions, such as within a swimming pool environment.

Our knowledge of groundworks and sustainable drainage design is valuable in assisting our clients in maximising the potential of their outdoor spaces, such as pitches and ballcourts.

Using our knowledge of Building Information Modelling (BIM), backed up with the experience of our company in this sector, our engineers and technicians can provide accurate coordinated drawings with excellent visualisations of the completed structures.

If you wish to discuss possible business opportunities or are looking for further information, please contact:

Kevin Mullery

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