PUNCH Skydive for Luke

“Get Luke to St. Louis” is an Irish registered charity in aid of a four-year-old boy named Luke. Luke is son of Peter Herangi, a valued Senior Technician at PUNCH. He has cerebral palsy that affects the muscles in his legs, reducing his mobility as he grows. Faced with the prospect of spending much of his life in a wheelchair, a miracle came to light in St. Louis, Missouri. Selective Dorzal Rhizotomy (SDR) is a surgery carried out by Dr T.S. Park that will improve Luke’s mobility by reducing the spasticity in his muscles permanently, dramatically increasing his quality of life. The operation, and the subsequent physiotherapy, amounts to €60,000 and this is where PUNCH comes in!

PUNCH organised a charity skydive at Clonbulloge Airfield in Offaly, with five Directors, Emma, Tim, Kevin, Ronan and David, vowing to jump out of an airplane at 13,000ft. Who wouldn’t pay to see that? The event took place on Saturday 21st February, 2015, and although the weather was temperamental on the day, a good time was had by all. One of many fundraising events carried out in aid of Luke’s surgery, the PUNCH Skydive has raised more than €10,000, all of which will go straight into the charity fund.

On behalf of Luke and his family, we offer a sincere thanks for the generosity of all those who contributed, and in particular to those who participated through the PUNCH element of the campaign.

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